IW4x Server API

IW4x dedicated servers have an api endpoint that you can use to get some information about the server. The currently implemented endpoints are documented here.


  • /serverlist
  • /info
  • /list
  • /map


The /serverlist endpoint returns a json array of all known servers excluding itself. If you query your own server you will in most cases not get a single of your own hosted servers (as long as they are on the same IP). This is a limitation of how NAT works and cannot be fixed. As a workaround I suggest merging your own servers with the array.

Example: ["x.x.x.x:28960", "x.x.x.x:28960"]


The /info endpoint returns a json with the servers scoreboard and some server information.

List / Map

The /list & /map endpoints are used in our implementation of the mod/map download. The files are downloaded from /file/<name>. You can only download active mods and maps from the server.