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Advanced general server configuration

General server configuration for advanced options.

Command line parameters

parameter default valid description
-dedicated     Starts the game as a dedicated server
-stdout     Starts the server without a console, only text output - useful for running server in wine
-console     Starts the server in a dedicated console
+set net_ip <ip>   Configures the ip the server is listening on
+set net_port <int> 28960 1 - 65535 Configures the port the server is listening on
+set sv_lanonly <int> 0 0 - 1 Starts server for LAN only
+exec <string>     Loads a given server configuration
+set fs_game <string>     Configures which mod to load
+set party_enable <int> 1 0 - 1 Configures wether to use the party or match system
+set sv_maxclients <int> 18 1 - 18 Configures the amount of clients on the server (match only)
+map_rotate     Starts map rotation (match only)
+set playlistFilename <string> “”   Configures which playlist to load (party only)
+playlist <int>   0 - 99 Loads playlist number +1 from playlist file (party only)

Supported gametypes

abbreviation gametype
war Team Deathmatch
dm Free-for-all
dom Domination
koth Headquarters
sab Sabotage
sd Search and Destroy
arena Arena
dd Demolition
ctf Capture the Flag
oneflag One-Flag CTF
gtnw Global Thermo-Nuclear War

Additional gametypes are possible with mods.

Supported maps

mp_afghan Afghan
mp_derail Derail
mp_estate Estate
mp_favela Favela
mp_highrise Highrise
mp_invasion Invasion
mp_checkpoint Karachi
mp_quarry Quarry
mp_rundown Rundown
mp_rust Rust
mp_boneyard Scarpyard
mp_nightshift Skidrow
mp_subbase Sub Base
mp_terminal Terminal
mp_underpass Underpass
mp_brecourt Wasteland
DLC 1: Stimulus Package
mp_complex Bailout
mp_crash Crash
mp_overgrown Overgrown
mp_compact Salvage
mp_storm Storm
DLC 2: Resurgence Pack
mp_abandon Carnival
mp_fuel2 Fuel
mp_strike Strike
mp_trailerpark Trailer Park
DLC 3: Nuketown
mp_nuked Nuketown
DLC 4: Classics Pack #1
mp_cross_fire Crossfire
mp_bloc Bloc
mp_cargoship Cargoship
DLC 5: Classics Pack #2
mp_killhouse Killhouse
mp_bog_sh Bog
DLC 6: Freighter
mp_cargoship_sh Freighter
DLC 7: Resurrection Pack
mp_shipment Shipment
mp_shipment_long Shipment: Long
mp_rust_long Rust: Long
DLC 8: Recycled Pack
mp_storm_spring Chemical Plant
mp_fav_tropical Favela: Tropical
mp_estate_tropical Estate: Tropical
mp_crash_tropical Crash: Tropical
mp_bloc_sh Forgotten City
Ported Singleplayer Maps
oilrig Oilrig
iw4_credits IW4_Credits
co_hunted Village

Gameserver file optimization


If you are using this method you can no longer update your dedicated server via the updater!!!

You can delete some files that are not needed when hosting a dedicated server. This will save some space on your hard drive, but is not necessary.

The following files can be safely deleted:

  • logo.bmp
  • splash.bmp
  • main\video
  • main\iw_01.iwd
  • main\iw_02.iwd
  • main\iw_03.iwd
  • main\iw_04.iwd
  • main\iw_05.iwd
  • main\iw_06.iwd
  • main\iw_07.iwd
  • main\iw_08.iwd
  • main\iw_09.iwd
  • main\iw_10.iwd
  • main\iw_11.iwd
  • main\iw_12.iwd
  • main\iw_13.iwd
  • main\iw_14.iwd
  • main\iw_15.iwd
  • main\iw_16.iwd
  • main\iw_17.iwd
  • main\iw_18.iwd
  • main\iw_19.iwd
  • main\iw_20.iwd
  • main\iw_21.iwd
  • main\iw_22.iwd
  • main\iw_23.iwd
  • main\iw_dlc4_01.iwd
  • main\iw_dlc6_00.iwd
  • main\iw_dlc7_00.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw00.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw01.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw02.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw03.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw04.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw05.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw06.iwd
  • main\localized_english_iw07.iwd
  • miles
  • iw4x\video
  • iw4x\iw4x_01.iwd

The following files can safely be modified (open them with 7-Zip or WinRAR):


Delete everything inside the file except fileSysCheck.cfg.


Inside the file delete the images and sound folder.


Inside the file delete the images folder.


Inside the file delete the images and Sound folder.


Inside the file delete the images folder.


Inside the file delete the images folder.


Inside the file delete the images and vision folder.