This page is still work in progress.

Advanced party server configuration

This is how you configure your server to run as a party server.

Server config

This part of the configuration has to be done in the server.cfg file that your server is using. Please put your server configuration file in the players folder in your MW2 root directory.

General server configuration is required for general configuration options.


parameter default valid description
set sv_hostname <string> “IW4x Server”   Sets the server hostname
set sv_securityLevel <int> 23 0 - 256 Configures the servers security level
set sv_motd <string>     Sets a custom motd which is shown on the loadscreen when a player joins
sets _Admin <string>     Configures admin name
sets _Email <string>     Configures admin email
sets _Website <string>     Configures website
sets _Location <string>     Configures location

Non gameplay configuration

parameter default valid description
set rcon_password <string> “”   Configures password for rcon
set g_password <string> “”   Configures password for gameserver
set g_inactivity <int> 120 0 - 999 Enable auto kick feature for idle/AFK players
set g_inactivitySpectator <int> 180 0 - 999 Time in seconds before a spectator gets kicked
set g_logSync <int> 1 0 - 1 1 = always flush games_mp.log, 0 = only flush on game end
set g_log <string> logs/games_mp.log   Configures gamelog filename
set sv_allowClientConsole <int> 1 0 - 1 Enable players ability to access server commands
set sv_maxPing <int> 0 0 - 999 Maximum ping allowed, any higher and players will get kicked
set sv_timeout <int> 20 0 - 1800 Timeout time period
set sv_reconnectlimit <int> 3 0 - 1800 How many times you can try to reconnect
set sv_pure <int> 0 0 - 1 Verifying client files
set sv_sayName <string> ^7Console   Name server-side ‘say’ commands show up as
set sv_floodProtect <int> 1 0 - 1 Chat Spam Protection
set sv_kickBanTime <int> 300 0 - 3600 Configures kick ban duration
set scr_game_objectiveStreaks <int> 1 0 - 1 Enable Chopper, AC130 and Nuke
set scr_classic <int> 0 0 - 1 Enable IW3 killstreak system
set scr_intermission_time <int> 30 0 - 999 Change timer before server loads the next map

Required mod configuration has to be done in this file as well.

Playlist config

The following configuration has to be done in your playlist. Do not edit your iw4x/ file directly as this file is updated via the updater and will be resetted to defaults.

Instead put your playlist in the players folder in your MW2 root directory.


Playlists are limited to 32 Gametypes and 23 playlists. It is possible to create multiple seperate playlists. A single server can only run a single playlist at a time.

Function script

In playlists you can use the following parameters to configure your game server:

  • gametype <string>: Unique name for your configured gametype. Everything until the next gametype configures your gametype. Eg.: gametype tdm
  • name <string> "<string>": Configures a specific localized name for the gametype which is shown to the user. Eg.: name english "Team Deathmatch"
  • script: Gametype the game actually loads. Eg.: script war
  • More gametypes can be found here
  • teambased: Currently unknown
  • hardcore: Currently unknown
  • rule <string> <string>: Rule is used to customize dvars. Eg.: rule scr_thirdperson 0
  • For possible values you can check the options for your preferred gametype here


The first playlist in your file has to be playlist 1. To start this playlist on your server, you have to pass the parameter +set playlist 0.

  • playlist <int>: Configures playlist
  • rule <string> <string>: Overwrites rules configured in your function.
  • <mapname>,<gametype>,<mapweight>: Configures your playlist. Put every map you want in your map rotation on a seperate line. The higher the mapweight the more likely this map will be picked. Eg.: mp_rust,tdm,4 or mp_fuel2,tdm,1